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Kellyton Brito

Kellyton Brito is an Adjunct Professor at Departament of Informatics and Statistics of Pernambuco Federal Rural University (UFRPE), Brazil, Ph.D candidate at Informatics Centre of Pernambuco Federal University (UFPE), Brazil, leader of Open Data Brazil Lab (in portuguese) and member of Assert Lab.

He has worked as a lecturer, researcher and software developer in the domains of Software Engineering, Open Government Data and Software as a Service (currently), and Reverse Engineering, Mobile Computing and Health Informatics (in the past).

Currently, as part of his Ph.D studies Kellyton is closely involved with Web 2.0 and Open Government Data, investigating software platforms to reuse and “revive” government open data, in order to reinforce citizens participation, transparency and governance. As result, he has many first prize winner projects, such as Meu Congresso Nacional, the first prize winner of first Brazilian Parliament Hackathon, Cidadão Recifense, the first prize winner of Smart Citizen contest, promoted by Recife’s City Hall, and Educação Inteligente, promoted by Brazilian Communications Ministry. More information about his projects can be found in the Portfolio and in the Open Data Brazil Lab page.

As a software developer and researcher since 2001, he created the LIFT, a tool for reverse engineering of legacy systems, currently property of Pitang software factory, and COMPOSE, a tool that generates web applications from UML Models, property of Preview Computers, no longer in business. In addition, he has worked on Motorola mobile projects at C.E.S.A.R, and on Software Reuse Projects, as a member of Rise Labs. Early, he worked on the development of medical systems at Medicware and at Bahia Cardiology Foundation (FBC), including the development of desktop and mobile applications for hospitals and clinics managment, and its integration with PACS systems.

As a lecturer, since 2007 he has teached classes such as Paradigms of Programming Languages, OO Programming, Visual Programming and New Technologies, among others.

You can contact Kellyton at:
Departamento de Estatística e Informática – DEINFO
Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco – UFRPE
Rua Dom Manoel de Medeiros, s/n. Campus Dois Irmãos
CEP: 52171-900 – Recife/PE – Brasil.

E-mail: kellyton (at) kellyton (dot) com (dot) br
Linkedin: Kellyton Brito (needs update)
Twitter: @KellytonBrito